Review: Suckered (Lacey Luzzi Mafia Mystery Series #9) By: Gina LaManna

Review: Suckered (Lacey Luzzi Mafia Mystery Series #9) By: Gina LaManna

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Aww, the gang is all back for another adventure! And this time they are taking it international (haha because that’s gotta be safer than some of the trips they have taken stateside right?) Dun dun duhh (like my omnious noise?) But in typical Lacey fashion she is gonna get swept up in some shenanigans! I love this series so much becuase even though we are 9 books in now and a prequel there is no lag time or slow parts of the series. Each and every moment of each story keeps us on our toes and wanting to know more about what is gonna happen next? 

From the minute the story opens it is one jaw dropping hilarious surprise after another and the words that I never thought I would see Lacey say “too much sugar, too much cake” Really, Lacey are you feeling okay was my first thought. . . My second thought was ohhh geez that’s when you know things are at the code red level for freaking out and its time to take a minute is when Lacey Luzzi turns down sugar haha. But turns out Wedding planning nightmares are a legit condition and everybody decides a getaway is in order. 

Once they land in Milan things begin to get interesting! Anthony is being very mysterious (as usual) Nora is petitioning for great grandbabies haha Meg and Clay are trying to keep things interesting 😉 and Carlos is being reminiscent about the past and his decisions. The scene with him and Lacey where they go for a walk is my favorite moment of the entire series hands down. It was so heartwarming and just made me fall even more in love with Gina’s writing. 

We get to see some new characters in this story and one that I would love to see more of is Allesandra! She is so mysterious but a very captivating character! The ending of this book brought so many warm fuzzy moments and a few happy tears, it was beautiful! This journey definitely had a few surprises for our favorite Family but one constant in the story is no matter if you think you are facing all of these battles alone your family will always have your back. 


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