My Top Read Of The Year! Review: Paper Cranes By: Nicole Hite

Review: Paper Cranes By: Nicole Hite

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This story is hands down my top read of the year and I totally don’t understand why its not getting shouted from the rooftops about how amazing it is!  So guess what? I’m gonna be that voice, in a market so clogged up with these stories where someone is terminally ill and then finds love there is usually this foreboding cloud that hangs over the entire story, with this book though there are rough moments (it would be a disservice if everything was sunshine and light) but there is just this feeling of hope and positivity that draws you in. 

Kat and Lee have this incredible road to romance and Nicole wrote these characters so well that you feel like you know them right from the beginning, you laugh and you cry with them but most important you experience life with them! It brings you into their lives, I loved all of Kat’s bucket list wishes and getting to go along on that adventure made this story stand out in my mind from other stories like Bright Side or The Summer Remains. (I loved those stories as well don’t get me wrong!) 

Like with any romance novel there are going to be some ups and downs and this book is no different, there is some push and pull and will they or won’t they? But the dramatic tension was so well done that you could not put the book down until you found some resolution! 

The setting was almost its own character, I love the vibe of New Orleans and how they incorporated elements into the story was one of my favorite parts of it, I could feel the love for this place in the pages so maybe its the author’s favorite place, or somewhere she lived but you can tell its important to her. 

All of the secondary characters are important and I would love seeing more of them (JoJo and Gage please!) So now i’m winding down this review with this. . . This book touched my heart, its hopeful and powerful and inspiring and I dare anyone to read it and not come away changed in at least some small way. 


One thought on “My Top Read Of The Year! Review: Paper Cranes By: Nicole Hite

  1. Literally one of my favourite books. I liknda disposed the plot twist at first… but I understand stories need happy endings. Dying isn’t a happy ending. But besides that I loved it. As a chronically ill person it’s refreshing to be represented. The difficulties we face. The anxiety of the doctors office and all that. The good and the bad. It was so goooooood. Hilarious too. I’ve read it multiple times that’s how much I liked it!


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