Review: Blended By: Sasha Brummer

Review: Blended By: Sasha Brummer 

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I started this book not really knowing what to expect, I loved the blurb and I was like okay this is gonna be a cutesy kind of story! Let’s see where this goes. I was not prepared at all for this story! It was immaculate. . . It was different than anything else I had read (and in a good way!) Too often authors just rehash the same plotlines and character stereotypes but this was a original story! 

Hadley is this intense, conflicted and beautifully broken woman who meets up with Brass is this complicated character, he’s definitely an alpha male but he has all these different layers that we see gradually revealed and their relationship had me conflicted so many times haha I wanted to grab them out of the book and shake some sense into them at some points of the story. But that was the brilliance of the story. It makes you feel and react. You can’t be just a passive observer of this one. It hulk smashes your heart and burns like the best Whiskey all the way to the very end. But like the best Whiskey we get all of the different layers and notes of these unexpected moments. Its a story that is meant to be savored and appreciated. 

The cast of secondary characters lend to many more stories within this in depth world that Sasha has created! So let’s raise a glass to many more adventures with these characters because I know i’ll love every minute of these books. 


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