Review: Peace of Infinity By: Maegan Able 

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Gavin and Evie have a complicated past haha one that gets even more complicated when she shows up back in town after being away for years, drunk as a skunk and wading into the ocean naked. Gavin is now a police officer in the small town where he grew up and therefore as a upstanding lawman tries to protect Evie from harm. . . Just when we think that we have it all figured out haha Maegan throws us for a loop within the first couple of chapters turning this from what I thought was gonna be a small town second chance romance to a well small town romance with a smidge of a paranormal twist. 

We gradually get into the story and learn about a curse that has affected Gavin and Evie for quite some time and that flips the script on the story and makes it quite unique, I don’t want to get in to too much detail here but trust me when I say that this story blends Maegan’s unforgettable characters with some twists and turns that make it a perfect read for new fans and die-hard fans too. Yes, there are some slower parts of the story and we don’t get the answers all at once but its worth it to read all the way through becuase how all the threads come together at the end makes it all worthwhile!