Review: The Silent Waters By: Brittainy C. Cherry

Review: The Silent Waters (The Elementals #3) By: Brittany C. Cherry

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One thing I always love about Brittainy’s books is the fact that she draws us into this world she created right from the very first page. She dosen’t give you everything at once you really see the evolution of these characters, like Brooks and Maggie’s story Maggie is six years old the first time she meets Brooks and he brings her a rocketship nightlight and thus begins this epic love story. 

I loved the bickering of 2 young kids (when they are in the girls have cooties stage) and Brooks is taking all kinds of teasing about Maggie from his brother, her stepbrother . . . Etc and she just keeps at him (she is the most original kid, I respect the fashion choices and the Barbie fishing pole haha) but that carefree innocent full of life young girl is changed when in a instant she witnesses a horrible crime and is attacked. She then becomes mute and becomes trapped by feelings of anxiety and panic attacks. Brooks is her one constant. 

Through the years things blossom and changs and Brooks and Maggie mature and we see them chase their dreams (granted in different ways) and like water in a pond the ripples affect everybody, the relationship between Maggie’s parents changes, her relationship with her siblings morphs and becomes something amazing but there are some massive changes on the horizon looming for both of them and the only thing that matters is will they be the change or will they be changed irrevocably by the ripples of their lives. 

This was such a stunningly beautiful story! I fell in love with these characters and it quickly became my favorite in this series. The ending will leave you breathless I guarantee you. 


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