Review: Rising Storm- Season 2: Episode 1 – Against The Wind By: Rebecca Zanetti

Review: Rising Storm- Season 2: Episode 1 – Against The Wind By: Rebecca Zanetti

It is so good to be back with the residents of Storm, Texas. The midseason episodes left us with quite the tease so I was eagerly anticipating the beginning of this new season. Last season secrets were revealed and the shockwaves from those revelations are still reverberating through town. 

Its been a month since Dakota let the Senator’s secrets come to light and then the Rush family’s retaliation against her has left her living back in the one place she has despised most . . . Living at home with her mother and sister (without her father’s doting influence) Joanne finally gives her a good talking to! All I could think was its about time! I have thought from the beginning that someone needed to clue Dakota in on the realities of life and show her that she is not the princess she thinks she is and that being an adult is not about finding who you can manipulate or tempt into doing whatever you want. 

The whole Tate, and Tucker and Hannah  love triangle thing was one of the lesser shocking secrets from last season but its quickly making lives more complicated in this season. For some reason I love the slow burn scandal situation. More angst is always a-okay in my book! This season also brings the introduction of a new Johnson, Tate and Tucker’s Uncle Chase. . . Their dad Zeke is not exactly what you’d call thrilled that his musician rambling man brother is back in town unannounced. So there are more secrets rumbling in Storm. 

One that is still on going and hasn’t made it to the town gossip column (yet!) Is the one between Kristin and Travis Salt and we get another peek into that relationship and a glimpse at just how complicated it truly is! This premiere episodes reminds us just what we loved about season one, lots of intrigue, some schmexy tension and lots of small town drama! I can’t wait to read the entire season. 


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