Review: Rising Storm – Season Two: Episode 3. Brave The Storm By: Lisa Mondello

After the shocking reveal about Hector lurking on the outskirts of Storm just biding his time we know that this season is beginning to esclate rather quickly and the town is primed to spark like a powder keg. 

One of the key changes in this season compared to season one is that each episode seems to be more episodic and contains snippets from all of the storylines instead of there being one couple who is the major focus and then we see the other townspeople just sporadically through the episode. It makes for a more encompassing read I think so you don’t have to wait for the next episode just to see more from your favorite character. 

After Chase Johnson’s harsh diagnosis of Parkinson’s he realizes that he needs to return home but his welcome hasn’t been exactly like the prodigal son coming home. He broke a lot of hearts when he up and left to pursue his dreams and now making amends is going to take some time but keeping his diagnosis a secret in a town as small as Storm is going to be difficult. Because as we’ve seen secrets have a tendency to be revealed at the worst time. 

Sebastian and Marylee are having to try and do damage control for Sebastian’s campaign and its not going well (to say the least!) Marylee hits upon trying to get Logan Murphy involved with the campaign again to help Sebastian’s image but like you can imagine that’s not gonna go over well. 

Celeste is still dealing with her grief over not only losing Jacob but also with the revelation that Ginny is in fact probably not carrying her grandchild which was a one-two punch that is not conducive to healing and moving on. And Travis and  Kristin are still having their affair right under the town’s noses and after Celeste figures that last secret out she is going to collapse like a house of cards. 

More visitors in the form of Max and Scott (Max was Jacob Salt’s roommate in college and was also good friends with Ginny) and those boys add a new complication to the events unfolding in town. And finally Sebastian’s press conference once again brings tensions back to a fever pitch! 


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