Review: Rising Storm: Season Two- Episode 4: Lightning Strikes By: Lexi Blake

A storm is brewing and is about to break loose. There are relationships blossoming, some that are just finding their way and a shocking return that could change everything. 

Hitting the midway point of the season episode 4 is more jam packed than the other episodes! I have been eagerly awaiting some resolution or maybe advancement of the Joanne and Dillion storyline and boy does Lexi deliver! The cloud of Hector slipping around storm kinda overshadows their happiness but when a couple is meant to be sometimes that is enough to drive the storm clouds away. . . It just may take some time.

Ian and Marisol are so darn cute together, I like where that storyline might be heading. . . They have both had a hard go of it and could use something worthwhile, their chemistry just crackles when they are in the same space and when she warned him that Hector had been seen it was like they were already on the same page, it was just one of those simple moments but it really stood out to me how that whole scene played out. 

Hector’s arrival happened in a way I wasn’t quite expecting but in his typical style he just slimes in. . . And drops a bombshell. . . The ending of the episode leaves us with the Alverez’s embroiled in another scandal in Storm and leaves Marcus reeling with the decision on what to do next. All I know is the second half of the season is going to be dramatic! 


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