Review: Rising Storm- Season Two: Episode 6: Quiet Storm By: Julie Kenner

This book has all sorts of shocking moments that I was not (apparently) mentally prepared for when I sat down to read it. I was left a little uncomfortable with the end of Episode 5 and so I was really hoping this episode did not pick up immediately back in that ending scene. It would have been a little too much so needless to say when I saw the character we were seeing first in episode 6 was Lacey Salt I was like okay, let’s get lost in the drama of Storm’s younger residents for a little bit then we will deal with the older residents. 

Lacey is feeling all kinds of mixed up and she wants to make amends and get her group of friends back but she burned all kinds of bridges and shut people out and unfortunately the youngest Salt is learning a tough lesson right now, I think she will figure it out though. I have a lot of hope for Lacey and Mallory’s friendship. 

Jeffry is also having to sort through some stuff and it was such a huge reveal that I really just wanted to give him and hug and tell him that I was proud of him for standing up for his feelings, what happens later in the episode shows his father’s true colors but we all already knew Sebastian is a pig so not really news there. I hate that for Jeffry though becuase he is such a likable, truthful character. He deserves to be loved and respected. 

I’m I the only one a little weirded out by the Patrick and Dakota thing? Like okay I get it, he wasn’t right for Marisol but out of everyone in town Dakota? Hopefully he will be her reason to stop being a brat and get her to grow up and see the truth but that’s a pretty tall order!  

Even though this episode was mostly about the younger residents of Storm I think it was an episode that really stands out for this season, it tackled issues that a lot of people ignore or get uncomfortable talking about or mock and I think its important that we do talk about them. Love is love people! Its not up to us to judge someone else, love yourself, love who you want to, and lastly be respectful to people! 


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