Review: Rising Storm- Season Two: Episode 7: Blinding Rain By: Elisabeth Naughton

Changes are coming for our sleepy little town! This season was a slow starter for me but once I got to episode 4 things really started to pick up and now that we have this episode and then the season finale things are reaching a fever pitch and its gonna be interesting to see where these late breaking developments are gonna factor in. 

Logan kicks us off this episode and its been a pretty rough season for our favorite Murphy. First, he thought he had it all last season and then losing it in a split second to say he’s dealing well is not entirely accurate. Secondly, being used as a pawn by the man who helped wreck his HEA potential was like kicking him when he’s down. So Logan is a bit introspective these days and there is another visitor heading to Storm to further complicate the situation. 

Ginny has a moment of strength and while in the flower shop gives us a peek at the strong woman she is becoming. That scene was important for a couple reasons and it was a catalyst for some major storyline points going forward. 

Mary Louise has to step in and keep Tate from tanking his political career and the will he pull his head out of his backside and realize that Mary Louise is perfect for him was pretty angsty! (I freely admit I was shouting at my kindle at this point) but I really like them together so I feel like we’ve got some resolution with the Johnson brothers conflict (FINALLY!) 

Toward the end of the episode the scene in the graveyard was so heartbreakingly beautiful that I had to go back and reread it, the after effect of that visit was seeing Logan with Delia was a turning point for Ginny and Britt and seeing the besties back 


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