Review: Rising Storm- Season Two: Episode 8: Blue Skies By: Dee Davis 

It all comes down to this! In a season filled with ups and downs, shocking returns and more blossoming romance than a Junior High Dance we have made it to another shocking season finale in a novella series that has come to be one of my favorites. (Really I only follow 2, this one and Palm South University By Kandi Steiner) 

Kicking off the episode with some secrets brought to light, turns out there is something in the water around Storm becuase all of a sudden the wives are calling their husband’s out on their indiscretions (thank goodness!) 

A lot of things begin to happen all at one time and more than one of Storm’s residents lives hang in the balance! But like all things there is balance and Ginny’s baby makes it entrance into the world, and the paternity shocker heard round the world happens and relationships are fixed and recommitted and some irrevocably changed. 

Despite it being a slow start to the season all of the slower parts definitely made me appreciate the last episode more because we finally got resolution for a lot of the storylines that we have been craving since we learned of the separate situations. All in all it was a spectacular season finale. 


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