Review: The Cherry House By: C.J. Carlyon

Review: The Cherry House By: C.J. Carlyon 

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There are no words for how beautifully written this story is! It brings you into this beautiful world that C.J. paints for us so vividly with her descriptions and metaphors that you feel every moment to your very soul. Austen is this fun bohemian character, she has this quality that immediately makes you want to be best friends with her! When she returns home from taking a gap year trip with her bestie Lilou she starts her summer job and prepares to start university. 

Then he happens! Cashel Drai returns to town also and its like two forces of nature colliding and what develops from this was one of the most stunning reads of the year! Its beautiful and angsty and pure poetry when they are together! But they have some hiccups to overcome Cashel lost his parents when he was a young boy and that loss has made him build walls to keep people from getting close, see he fears if he lets them in he can lose them and so its easier to just guard your heart. But Austen is different he feels this instant connection to her and their love echoes into the estate and cherry orchard he contols. 

Austen receives this premontion from an elderly lady in the village and it perfectly sets up the later chapters of the book. 
      “When we struggle against the tide of destiny that’s when we get lost. A great love is undeniable, like gravity. It doesn’t grow slowly like mould, it does not creep, it is known immediately.” She could hear Ruby’s fingers snap in the air. “It’s a burst of feeling that explodes in the chest but people, they’re too hard or too clever or too scared, and those who have been hurt, battered by the fates, like Cashel, who have experienced in this life such pain, such loss . . .”

There is lots of love, and loss and growth that goes on from beginning to end but one thing is constant! Love is worth fighting for “It’s not that every one of us doesn’t feel it – that magic, in a moment, a look, a touch – it’s that, so often, we just can’t . . . don’t . . . won’t believe it. That it could happen to us. So I’ll say to you again, Austen, what I said when you first arrived home – Are you ready?” She was. She was going back to The Cherry House.


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