Review: A Love Letter To Whiskey By: Kandi Steiner

Review: A Love Letter To Whiskey By: Kandi Steiner

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This book has been one of my most eagerly anticipated reads for SO LONG! so naturally once I got my grabby hands on it it warrented an epic Instagram picture. . . And then I dove in! As any true book lover know that feeling of wonder when you start a book you have been dying to read it is equal parts being overly eager and trepidation for what lies within the pages before you. I’ll give you a hint with this author you’d better buckle up buttercup from the very first page! becuase it starts off with a little bit of a smooth burn (much like the drink the title suggests) what develops from then on is one of the most angsty, gorgeous stories I have read. 

It all starts off innocent enough with a Kandi Steiner read haha you begin with a little bit of background, (she always eases in to the story with a tease or a bit of the backstory, i’d like to call that setting the hook if you will! Then some descriptions about where the story takes place, the environment is almost its own character which I love, I love the vibrant picture she paints for us about where we are then we get introduced to the characters! And that’s where the real fun starts!) 

Jamie (A.K.A Whiskey) meets up with Brecks while she is out for a run with her bestie, Jenna and then boom! Literally! talk about one heck of a first impressipn. . . (Totally sounds like something I would do.) But here is where the story takes its first twist and shows us we aren’t dealing with your typical romance novel here. . . Then again you never are with one of Kandi’s books. Each one is an experience, unique but just relatable enough to where you can find pieces of yourself in each of the heroines. But within the first chapter we get our breath took away, I had to sit my Kindle down and actually think about this piece of info (how’s, why’s and if I were in that position how would I deal with it) next thing I knew it was 30 minutes later and I was no closer to an answer. . . So I picked the book back up and prayed this story had some insight to help me make up my mind haha. 

This story is so wide ranging following these characters from high school, college, grad school and what comes after and watching them grow is such an experience, you feel the ebs and flows of how priorities change and how in hindsight lessions you thought you didn’t need to learn turn out to be some of the most important. About 69% in I experienced the hit, the freefall along with B and I have to admit it hit me right in the feels. It felt like my stomach dropped at this one interaction haha and i was like yep! I’m too far commited to this story when I feel that upset for a character (but that’s when you know its magic and what I love the most about reading) all of the hits and misses and the timing being wrong lend this urgency to the story that really drives it, it leaves you in suspense! Oh, good grief the suspense! You seriously do not know which way this one is gonna end up until the very last page. This may be my favorite love letter after all. 


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