Review: Tonic By: Staci Hart

Review: Tonic By: Staci Hart 

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I have been dying for a new Staci Hart book let me tell you! And Joel and Annika were the balm to my soul! *sigh* this story starts out when Joel’s tattoo  parlor has been tapped for reality tv greatness and Annika is the executive producer destined to make Tonic a household name. (Simple set up right? You should know by now that with this author nothing is ever as simple as it may seem at the beginning!) Its a classic story of opposites attract as Annika is this WASP, strict and business cool and Joel is this force of nature, wrapped in creativity and rolled in determination sprinkles haha I love this quote from him from his first impressions of Annika. 

  “I then decided two things. One: My new mission in life was to make her laugh. Two: I’d crack her open if it was the last thing I did.” (Pretty confident talk from a guy that just met the girl right?) But that’s just his character and the chemistry between them is electric right from the start, and she fights it tooth and nail and so begins the push and pull. Granted his first impressions were pretty funny but Annika’s? Hilarious! 

“He is too. He’s crass and uncouth and … hulking. He’s medieval. Put a mace in his hand and point him to the Saxons.”

She is so fighting the attraction from the word go! And oh my goodness at the banter! Its always one of my favorite parts of a Staci Hart novel (she’s the queen of snarky, sarcastic witty banter haha) and with this story it is top notch! Even the asides or conversations that take place in their own POV without the other person are so well written it just snaps. 

Then there is the moment, when all pretentiousness falls away and even though it doesn’t make sense and opposites attract and its pointless to fight it, (now there are still some ups and downs and misunderstandings for our favorite couple) there is this passage which showcases how lyrical the writing is in this book. 
   “Transparent, translucent , like the ice that I was. Freezing him out would never work , not when he could see the fire in my heart.”
 That moment for me was where the story morphed from something just fun but into something memorable. 


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