Review: Mr. Sportsball By: K.P. Heigh

Review: Mr. Sportsball By: K.P Heigh

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I loved K.P’s first book Only Fools Jump so much that I immediately put her new book on my TBR list immediately and eagerly awaited any morsel of news about this book as it was being written and now upon its release. I have been just getting into sports romance novels and so I thought boom! K.P’s writing style plus a sports romance with a complicated hero? Put me in Coach! Put me in! Haha 

I loved this book from the laugh out loud dedication up to the very last page. Montgomery is a girl that every woman can find a piece of herself in, there are universal truths that shape our lives and experiencing through her eyes is an fascinating, hilarious read! She’s went through your classic fear of Mean Girls and Athletes that occurs to so many in high school and for good reason, so it leads her to being prejudiced against athletes but football players most of all! So what does fate do? She’s sitting in a Sports Bar with her Kindle waiting on her BFF when she has a chance meeting with Baron (Bear) — and let me tell you that after she reads him the riot act the little sarcastic comments he makes in return was when K.P. set the hook, I was all in with this classic rom com set up! 

The Romper analogy was one of my favorite parts of the book because its so true! Haha and the parts with Andie and Monty are superb! I love books that have awesome best friend relationships because sometimes you need your bestie to kick you into gear and get out there! 

I also love how K.P. made Baron this approachable, adorable character. Most Sports Romance they make the hero out to be this arrogant, alpha sort of caveman style haha but Baron is such a sweet/ nice guy you can’t help but get the warm fuzzies and cheer him on. Sure, there were a couple moments where I was almost a little disappointed in him but that’s what effected me the most, it proved that he was human, not some 2 dimensional flat character. Real life gets messy and complicated and I love romance novels give us the real life good, bad ugly. . . Beautiful mess kinds of stories. 


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