Review: Written In The Scars By: Adriana Locke

Review: Written In The Scars By: Adriana Locke

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One thing you should know before you pick up a book by this author, you had better clear your schedule! Written in The Scars has a different feel to it compared to Adriana’s other books but it is completely engrossing, i’d say it belongs more with Sacrifice in tone (which is my favorite of hers BTW!) 

This book starts off with Elin and Ty, sweethearts from way back when on the eve of their wedding. . . After that first set up chapter I was like okay, this is gonna be a sweet romance but ummm . . . . Where’s the conflict and angst? Haha fear not my angst loving friends! Chapter two completely blows up our conceptions that everything is sunshine and unicorns for this couple. And this becomes the beauty in the story, I liked that everything wasn’t perfect (perfect is boring in my opinion I want to see the struggles and the nitty gritty! I want to feel right along with the characters, laugh when they laugh, feel my heart bleed when things don’t work out right) Adriana always has had hints of that in her books and in this one she can really let it shine. 


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