Review: Garrett By: Karla Sorensen

Review: Garrett (Bachelors of The Ridge #2) By: Karla Sorensen

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I loved Dylan (book 1) so much it definitely made my top reads of the year list and Garrett was a character I definitely wanted to know more about and thankfully so did a lot of other readers haha and so Karla gave us what we were clamoring for (and then some!) Because there were some unexpected twists in this story I didn’t anticipate at all! And I love those stories that keep us on our toes and Garrett does not disappoint! 

Within the first chapter we see more of what drew us to Garrett in the first book, that quirky, sarcastic sense of humor that you immediately have to follow haha and maybe think “okay, this is a little messed up but its presented in such a way that you have to laugh” (the threatenes to gouge his eyes out with a popsicle stick haha so while the mental picture is graphic its funny because you are just like who thinks that way?! (Answer to that is umm well me. . . And apparently Garrett) but hey at least i’m in good company! 

The frenemies set up at the beginning between Garrett and Rory is hilarious haha only that kind of romantic tension can be steamy but edgy and hilarious all at the same time, because in some scenes Rory reduces him to acting like an overgrown toddler on a tantrum. But gradually their bickering turns to something more and the sparks are instantaneous! By the time we get to the chapter of the BBQ at his house things are reaching a fever pitch which leads to one of the most adorable parts of the book haha. 

This story took some turns I didn’t quite expect especially about 86% ish in. Its a little bit later in the book for conflict so it made me wonder if they would get it all together by the end! But I trusted Karla’s judgement and just waiting and how she brought everything full circle made for a nail biter haha. 


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