Review: Lucas By: Jay McLean

Review: Lucas By: Jay McLean

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All hail the queen of reads that will give me all the feels, tear my heart out and want a glass of wine STAT! With Lucas Jay has given us another glimpse into the More world but from a different perspective. Its perfect for both long time fans (those of us who have read, reread, and yes reread many many times) and those who are just discovering the awesome JMac love. 

There was so much I loved about this story that its hard to know where to start! I love the backstory we got with more of Mrs. Preston and the relationship she had with Lois was adorable. And the fact that this story covers such a wide range of these characters lives and the pacing was spot on, all of the transitions were flawless we were able to pop back and forth which sometimes bothers me in some stories but this one needed to be told in this fashion. 

The will they or won’t they angst was one of my favorite parts I love the tension and urgency it lent to the story. If the characters didn’t make you not want to put the book down and binge read it just the simple wanting to know what happens will inspire a binge read for sure. And finally those heart stopping moments, (yes, I deliberately left this for the end of the review) there were some that make your heart swell and think you couldn’t love a scene more, and then there were some that made your heart just shatter and make you freak out a little. You don’t see these coming at all haha and a disclaimer might have been nice! But I wouldn’t change a thing about this story. This is now tied for my favorite book by this author! 


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