Review: All Fall Down (Gilt #3) By: Geneva Lee

Review: All Fall Down (Gilt #3) By: Geneva Lee 

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Are you ready to solve the mystery that during the course of 3 books has taken us deeper into a more complicated web of secrets, lies and love. This series has been my top find of the year and I had a major case of grabby hands to see how it all comes out. I have to say (and I really shouldn’t be surprised!) How Geneva blends all the storylines together and gives us one slam bam of an ending. The journey this story has taken us on has been intense and full of surprises but nothing we’ve seen so far could prepare you for what happens next. 

 All Fall Down starts on a ominous note with this quote  
 But while they stare, I can only think of those people that aren’t here this morning to start their senior year. I feel their absences as ominously as an unexplained shadow in an empty room. Some are long gone. One didn’t see the end of the summer. Living or dead, they’re just ghosts now.

Now if that doesn’t clue you in that its gonna be a buckle up buttercup and hang on to your Kindle then I don’t know what would! But after that little section the story picks up immediately where we left off in book 2 and Monroe’s secret is discovered and the story escalates from there, and when everything hits a fever pitch and the house of cards start to tumble I dare you to try and put this book down. Unlike some series finales that might leave you unsatisfied this one is pure perfection, the killer is revealed and WOW! That came directly out of left field but made absolute perfect sense when it was all laid out for us. Definitely a smack your head moment becuase the answer was in front of us the entire time. It was one heck of a ride through all 3 books and is on my top ten series list for all time. 


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