NetGalley Review: Someone Else’s Summer By: Rachel Bateman

Review: Someone Else’s Summer By: Rachel Bateman

Publication Date: May 9th 2017

This book starts out with a huge smack in the feels, after her sister Storm is killed in a car accident on her grad night Anna has to learn to live again as she faces all of these huge teenage life milestones, and a cloud is put over what is supposed to be a time of your life that you believe that anything is possible. This story isn’t merely a quick YA/NA read, from the very first page it is intense! There is no easing you into it, you are just boom there right in the middle of this horrific situation and just rolling with it minute by minute. 

The two sisters are polar opposites and not just in physical characteristics, but their personalities from what we see is vastly different as well! But the thing I love about how Rachel compares and contrasts the two girls they are each unique and she gives each character the space to evolve. For a example Storm is what some would call a geeky girl but who I would consider a soul sister, and Anna is the popular cheerleader with the high school crown but as we find out more about them we discover that they are more than their initial stereotypes potray them to be. 

And what excellent YA read be without the boy next door? One of my favorite parts of the book is how the dynamic between Anna and Cameron, they have been best friends since they were small and how that relationship has changed now that the third member of their trio is gone, he feels responsible for Storm’s passing. So when Anna finds a notebook of Storm’s infamous summer lists thus begins an epic story of living life and honoring her memory for both of them. I thought this was a great read, you have relatable characters, and a storyline that wasn’t overly saccharine (which sometimes happens in this genre haha) and one memorable adventure. 


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