Review: Low Over High By: J.A. DeRouen

Review: Low Over High By: J.A. DeRouen

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Ever since we first met Marlo in Wings Over Poppies ( I read them out of order haha) I knew she was gonna be our game changer! A character that even though she was not the primary focus of the novel somehow drew your attention to her. She’s like gravity (if it was packaged in a strong, snarky intense person haha) So you know if the heroine is that strong the hero? He’s gonna be all that and a bag of chips (or a beniget as the case may be) Ever is this perfect blend of mysterious and quietly intense and when they first meet they are electric! Snarky and witty banter abound with these two and I loved getting to see Marlo’s backstory. 

From her upbringing in Texas to her moving to New Orleans to attend Orleans Academy and trying to repair her relationship with her mother, we see it all and there is much more to this strong, take no prisioners woman, you always knew that there was gonna be one heck of a backstory to shape her character and J.A. does not disappoint! 

The setting of the story lives and breathes and is almost a character in its own right, I love stories set in New Orleans and this one just further cements my bucket list wish to head to this amazing town and to experience every thing it has to offer. 

Now this wouldn’t be a J.A DeRouen novel without a healthy dose of angst haha there were times in this book wjere I wanted to scream, shake the characters ya know just what ever you have to do to make them come to their senses, I have high hopes for the second book in this duet to finally figure out how it all comes together and how these characters evolve. 


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