Review: Heat Wave By: Karina Halle

Review: Heat Wave By: Karina Halle 

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So you always know you are safe to expect from a Karina Halle novel! A strong (somewhat) snarky heroine meets a intriguing hero with a smolder all his own (smolder content varies by book haha) and there are gonna be some fireworks, with Heat Wave Karina mixes in a locale that is near and dear to not only her heart but mine as well and she captures the beauty and feeling of this place perfectly in this story! 

We start out in the chilly city of Chicago where Veronica and Logan meet at a political fundraiser and its kismet all at one time! Veronica explains things perfectly when she says sometimes when you meet that one person who you know will change your life in immeasurable ways you feel comnected to them at once, no rhyme or reason but you just know (much like I felt connected to these characters right from the beginning) we learn that Logan is going to open a hotel in Kauai and that’s when the story really takes off. 

We fast forward 7 years in Chapter One and find out quite a few shocking developments let me tell you! My, how things have changed since where we left the characters in the prologue! Just when you think you know how this story is gonna go Karina flips the switch on you! And flips it early to boot haha so it leaves you reading and rereading the prologue just to see if there might have been hints that you might have missed. 

Ronnie begins to discover the beauty of living in Hawaii and begins to feel the laidback charm of the island. But the odd dynamic between Logan and Ronnie lends quite a but of tension and undeniable chemistry to the equation I didn’t see coming. It all comes together toward the end and while this is a different set up from other Karina novels it is completely enthralling. I want a print copy of this novel so I can sticky note my favorite passages (there are SO MANY! more than any other Karina novel I have read before) so it makes it a excellent introduction to her work or if you already love her books then you may have a new favorite 😉 


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