Review! Jinx and Tonic (Magic and Mixology #3) By: Gina LaManna

Review: Jinx and Tonic (Magic and Mixology #3) By: Gina LaManna

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Are you ready for another tropical adventure with our favorite islanders? I have been eagerly anticipating this book since I finished Witchy Sour and I knew that with the trials starting there were gonna be shenanigans afoot in a major way! 

Right off the bat we are put back into this magically adorable story with the blooming relationship between Lilly and Ranger X! Hallelujah am I right? I love these two together and this line gave me all the warm fuzzies and sums up what I love about them 
     “I said. “Just so long as you’re sure about me and I’m sure about you. Everything else will work out.” He moved his kiss from my forehead to my lips, lingering there. “Some days,” he whispered, “you’re the only thing in this world of which I’m sure.”

 First train to swoon town leaving . . . Well as soon as you read that page 😉 but it was such a sweet moment and it has taken soooo long to get there that it was one of my favorite parts of the series. Moving on to our other favorite characters! Zin goes through quite a intense time in this book and I just wanted to hug her and let her know how strong and amazing she is, the stress of the Trials seem to be weighing on her quite a bit. 

Things begin to escalate rather quickly (as things on the Isle tend to do!) And danger is around every turn and not only for the candidates, secret societies and their members clash head to head in a race against time to discover the Puppeteer, this story has a sense of urgency that keeps you guessing and wondering what is gonna happen until the very end! I love visiting the Isle and these characters and so every book is like coming home and visiting old friends. 


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