Review: Strike Back By: Beth Rhodes

Review: Strike Back By: Beth Rhodes

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This was my first read by Beth and while I do not typicall read books with a Military aspect to them (I was an Army wife for 3 years until we ended up divorced so reliving that part of my life isn’t something I’m always on board with) But I read the blurb and was pretty confident that Beth could make me enjoy reading this book despite my hesitations going in! (That’s the mark of a great author right there) 

This story begins with a bang! You sre drawn right into this intense action where the stakes are high and once you finish the first page I dare you to be able to set the book down, with the descriptive writing style and attention to even the smallest details it is easy to let the story spiral out in your mind. Hawk is a different take on a military hero and I really liked the different aspects of his character that break your typical hero mold. 

Stacy is this real world relatable heroine! She is the type of woman who should be celebrated, she is a strong, family oriented, not afraid to state her opinion and always stands by her man. She is Hawk’s perfect match and their relationship is by no means idyllic and perfect but it is original and unique in its realness. I love the trend of romance novels these days to have these positve role models who are real women, they have flaws, they aren’t photoshopped or up on a pedestal but ladies who could be your best friends or your sister. To me these are the love stories I want to know about. 

So, we have fantastic characters, a realistic love story and finally exotic locales! All important components to a fantastic piece of escapism which is what you find in this story! Its fast paced and a thrill ride from beginning to end, I would definitely read more books by this author as well as purchase this book in print (becuase that cover y’all! Googly eyes!) 


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