Review: Chub Rub By: Shannon Youngblood

Review: Chub Rub By: Shannon Youngblood

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When I first heard the title I was a little iffy on how this story was gonna go, then I read the blurb, and (it just goes to show the power of a good blurb!) And it wiped away the hesitations I had and replaced them with this feeling of empowerment! This gorgeous woman on the cover is the perfect embodiment of the character we meet within these pages. Maggie is this true life woman and even though she is heavier than society dictates is fashionable she turns that conception on its ear and owns her body and personality! She deserves to be celebrated and told she’s gorgeous becuase dude she definitely is! 

There is a section early in the book that broke my heart becuase i know so many women feel that way and do this exact thing and that is not right! How did society get to this point is a question I ask myself often but read this passage and then ask yourself the hard questions 

 “I made fun of myself, so other people didn’t have to. I put myself down because the sting of my words was less brutal than the sting of theirs. It was easier to have people laugh with me than to have those same people laughing at me. In the end, though, it didn’t matter how much I tried to love myself, when someone made fun of me, I lost a little of that love.” 

In this story Shannon makes us confront these realities that may be difficult to read about but within these pages she also gives us hope, and the love yourself mantra that I think is important for women to hear. I plan on adding a print copy to my favorite books giveaway becuase I believe in the message this book sends and I will definitely be ordering a copy for myself too. 

You note that up until now I haven’t mentioned anything about the hero. . . Not becuase I think he’s not as important to this story becuase he is, but since a lot of reviews will focus on that part of the story I really wanted to focus my review on Maggie by herself, her story is what stood out to me most. She has been unsatisfied in previous relationships and decided to go for what she needs, now this lifestyle may not be for everyone. . . But this insiders look at how this relationship works is fascinating. I typically don’t read books with this subject matter but it wasn’t gratuitous in nature which I applaud Shannon for showing, she could have wrote the story another way but it would have been a massive disservice to the characters she created. 


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