Review: A Missing Heart By: Shari J. Ryan

Review: A Missing Heart By:Shari J. Ryan 

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I first found Shari’s books when I had seen a ad on social media about A Heart Of Time and I fell in love with her writing style and character development so I immediately wanted more! Of course haha one thing you always want when you discover an amazing new author is you want all the words! But good things come to those who wait! 

With this story we see AJ’s story, we first met him in Heart of Time as Hunter ‘s brother and I knew there was gonna be more to him than just a background character. He had his own story to tell, and right from the beginning Shari immerses us in all the feels! You think you are gonna get eased into the story? Have you read Heart of Time? Its INTENSE from the first chapter and it just increases from there. AJ has not had it easy, and I had no idea his back story was gonna be that heartbreaking, from losing his daughter with his high school sweetheart after he was not involved with the adoption decision, to Cammy moving away, to his first failed marriage to his current situation with Tori you just want to question how many bad things can happen to one good guy in his life? 

You know at some point Cammy is gonna have to return with some answers and ohhhh man when she does! It changes literally everything, and turns this story on its ear. Now I absolutely loved Heart Of Time but I have to say this one left me more emotionally wrung out but completely satisfied with how this story turns out. Its back and forth with contrasting how his past directly impacts current events and that constant wanting to know where his daughter is and what she is like  that it blends all of these emotions together and when you finally get to the healing part haha you are more than ready to see AJ find his HEA.  


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