Review: Trucker By: Jamie Schlosser

Review: Trucker By: Jamie Schlosser

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I had seen this book on Social Media quite a bit and seen my friends were reading it and I hate to say but I dismissed it at first I thought it was gonna be a gimmick or a wierd kind of lot lizard story (with romance novels these days you can never tell haha) but finally a friend of mine said “just try it!” Okay, okay you talked me into it! Haha 

I am exceedingly glad I did, I binge read this entire book in like 4 hours, it took everything I could magically conjure up to set my Kindle down to let the dogs out and start a load of laundry. The storyline is completely unique and definitely not what I expected when I started but Angel and Travis’s story brings you in from the very beginning, and you experience every heartfelt, intense, hilarious moment with these great characters, I liked that Travis wasn’t this arrogant alpha male who could be a little controlling unlike so many of the heroes in indie romance he was just the boy next door and that made him stand out. Those heroes to me are better than the billionaire, club owner or crime lord. I don’t require anything fancy from my heroes haha. 

Angel was this adorable character she is vivacious and kind of nieve but in a personable way and they make plenty of jokes that she is too trusting but it makes her endearing! The scene with her momma was completely heartbreaking and I just wanted to bring her ice cream and give her a hug haha her interactions with the people in town definitely made her stand out to me. A lot of people will discount hanging out with the elderly but they have so much to teach us and it is a passion that is near and dear to my heart so props to Jamie for putting that story point in there. 

I had never read a book by Jamie before this one but I have to say she is now one of my automatic one click authors haha I love her fast paced writing style and the fact that she goes against the tide of popular romance heroes and heroines right now! A definite 5 star read for me. 


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