Review: A Trucker Christmas By: Jamie Schlosser

​Review: A Trucker Christmas By: Jamie Schlosser 

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Jamie is my new binge read author in less than a week I have read every book she has out and I have enjoyed every minute. After I finished Trucker I immediately wanted more Travis and Angel and then I looked on Goodreads and lo and behold there was a upcoming novella! (Gotta love how that happens right?) So I put my preorder in and eagerly anticipated release day. . . 

This is a extended epilogue which we get more of how our favorite couple is spending their first Christmas together. You do have to note this novella is NOT A STANDALONE! haha so read Trucker first, (its one of my top reads of the year so you won’t regret starting there first) 

Angel is still a girl after my own heart haha the chapter opens with her being lost in a “oooo shiny! Moment” and I am so guilty of those, (not just with jewelry though!) And I loved that wide eyed awe and the intensity of that moment right after one of the biggest moments of a woman’s life translated extremely well thanks to Jamie’s writing style. Like in her other books the dual POV’s is a excellent way to tell this story. 

One of the most warm fuzzy inspiring moments goes to the chapter where they are at Travis’s mom’s house and where he realizes that Angel needed a mother figure and that he was able to provide that for her was absolutely adorable and proves how in sync he is with what she needs and that’s what I love about his character. He’s not clueless haha. 

Beverly is still a firecracker and am I the only one who wants a Beverly and Ernie back in the day novella? Because I so want to know more about them! Its the ULTIMATE second chance romance haha. 

All in all I loved this day in the life story and getting to experience another visit to Tolson which is quickly becoming my favorite small town to read about haha! I highly encourage everyone to get hooked on these books becuase they are some of my absolute favorites. 


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