Review: Dancer By: Jamie Schlosser

​Review: Dancer By: Jamie Schlosser

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I fell in love with the small town and characters Jamie introduced us to in Trucker and now with Dancer we return to Tolson for Colton’s story. He was intriguing as Travis’s best friend so I was insanely glad that we get to see more of his story! (Psst. . . . Trucker might have stiff competition for my favorite Jamie book. . . . Just sayin’) 

The story starts off in the past and we learn that Brielle (Ellie) and Colton were besties when they were young and from this little nugget of info i’m just like “SCHWINGG! Jamie knows what I love!” I love when romance novels start out with the kiddos being best friends and then life happens and gets in the way, it sets the stage for a beautiful love story. Dancer breaks the mold with that typical trope though, some how she invigorates this tried and true storyline and makes it her own. She deals with an issue that 99% of romance novels won’t touch with a ten foot pole but deals with it sensitively and dosen’t make that the entire story. 

Colton and Ellie’s love story is picturesque in all the best ways, its epic enough to give you the warm fuzzies but relatable enough to where you can imagine it happening to someone you know and that is what I love most about Jamie’s novels. They meet you right where you are and unfold in front of you and take you in, as with Trucker this book I read in a little under 4 hours and could not put it down! Another fantastic story from an amazing author on the rise, the sky is truly the limit for Jamie. 


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