Review: Nailed By: Staci Hart

​Review: Nailed By: Staci Hart

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Nothing makes my day more than a new Staci Hart book! This author can do no wrong and her ability to switch from genre to genre is always spot on! With Nailed the tension and chemisty bleeds off the page! Like the heroine in the first chapter says its INTENSE! 

These snippets are pure fantasy, we get no character names until the third chapter and fourth chapters, but only descriptions and how the air is nearly electric around the couple. . . the sexual tension between each couple is different and Staci seems to have explored what people stereotype as typical fantasies, exhibitionism, the random stranger, the guy next door. .. . Etc  the third and fourth we get only one person’s name and from the POV of these stories its totally fine. . . We live second by second through their experiences. Its grittty, raw and not your momma’s romance novels that’s for sure. But its also the beauty of Staci’s writing. . . 


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