Review: The Loyal Heart By: Shelley Shepard Gray

​Review: The Loyal Heart By: Shelley Shepard Gray 

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I have been on a historical romance kick here lately and I picked up this one yet again because it had the backdrop of the Civil War. It was a heartwarming read about a pact made between brothers in arms to take care of one another and their loved ones. 

In the vast state of Texas Galveston Island is probably one of the most picturesque locations, Miranda Markham is still grieving the death of her husband and vicious rumors are ruining her reputation. . . I felt so bad for her having to deal with that all alone and could see why she felt hopeless in the situation. It did give her a chance to showcase her faith and sometimes God picks unlikely angels to show his faithfulness. In this story the saving grace is Robert Truax and his arrival definitely shakes up the story. 

He pushes and gets her to start living again despite the rumors and we find out that he was imprisoned with Phillip and was always intrigued about her, her made a promise to look after her with the other men in their unit. . . (They make appearances in the story as well) but gradually Robert wants to be her champion and protect her. He gets to the bottom of the rumors and finally confesses his feelings it makes for a amazing story. 

I loved these characters and I hope we get to see more of them down the road! 


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