​Fiction Guild Review! The Wedding Chapel By Rachel Hauck

I loved so many things about this story! Its the ultimate second chance romance story, blended with spirituality, and hope and commitment that made it a heartwarming read that reminded me a lot of a Nicholas Sparks book! The characters have a blend of past events for Colette and Jimmy, and Jack and Taylor’s present. And it explores how their path’s intersect. Their stories intermingle quite a bit! 

Jimmy and Colette have been in love since the early 50s and their story is why the Wedding Chapel was built but Taylor is Colette’s sister’s grandchild and married to a boy she knew in high school who they had lost touch with but
Became reacquainted with in New York. . . . The story takes some twists and turns and you just have to experience it!

All of the characters have this intricate back story and their own struggles and I think that is what makes this such a fascinating read. . . How they stand up  to the challenge and rise above it makes it intriguing! There are secrets and misunderstandings and letting your past decide your future, pride also plays a huge part. I love Rachel.’s writing style and how she weaves everything together at the end.