My First Review of 2017! A Veil Of Vines By: Tillie Cole

​Review: A Veil Of Vines By: Tillie Cole 

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This book is exquisite! I love so many things about this story. From the visually stunning landscape to the characters that are so well written that you know this book will be on many top reads list. Its no secret that while I was late hopping on the Tillie bandwagon, I am now the most staunch supporter of how amazing her work is. 

While Veil of Vines is a little bit different from her other books you still get that signature writing style that will make you fall in love with this story no matter what book started your obsession with this author. The classic love story about the privilaged girl and the hard working man is one that has been done before, but not as well as Tillie presents this story of how the royals are in Italy and how the courtship and arranged marriages leave love out of the equation (props to picking such a goregous backdrop too. . . It makes my Sicilian heart beat just a bit faster and sigh in appreciation) 

The story is full of truly beautiful moments and one I would definitely recommend to anyone who loves a love story with a twist! 


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