Review: The Undercover Witch By: Gina LaManna

​Review: The Undercover Witch By: Gina LaManna 

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Since I first started reading the Magic and Mixology series I have been hoping for books featuring some of the other characters and now Gina has given us the bestest holiday gift! Ainsley! Yes, our absolute fave guardian witch is back! Whoo hoo! I love her character, definitely reminds me a little of myself haha a little quirky, bubbly every now and again. . . And has a habit of running into things and causing a ruckus. . . 

In this story Ainsley just so happens to be in the wrong place at the wrong time and she has some explainin’ to do! When the bigwigs at MAGIC offer her a off the books job the mystery deepens and everything begins intermixing magic and politics and all sorts of shenanigans that bring Ainsley into even more contact with a certain cop and the sparks are instantaneous! 

I thought this was an adorable story with even more hilarious moments than usual. I loved Harry and V and how Ainsley chatted it up with them (I talk to my dogs all the time haha) so it was pretty cute to me whenever they were mentioned. 

Now while I treasure every trip to the Isle I am really loving the magical realm within our own world. . . It got kind of Harry Potter esque with magical potion equivalents to normal products like Advil for instance haha and how the differing terms and products really made this story hit home for me. . . I hope we get many more magic in the mainstream world kind of stories. . . 


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