Review: Ever Over After By: J.a. Derouen

​Review: Ever Over After By: J.A. DeRouen

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After we got our world rocked with Low Over High people were clamoring to find out what happens next. . . Okay so I was also one of those clamoring but I really enjoyed the time inbetween books to really stop and savor and think about Marlo’s intentions behind her decisions . . . I totally got it! So after I had my head on straight about things I started my copy of Ever Over After. . . Right from the start you were ready for the scab to be ripped off and for the healing to begin. . . 

Now like all healing you gotta deal with the awkward itchy parts of the process, and the will they run into each other. . . And how that first meeting is gonna go? I loved how J.a threw Jeb in there as a buffer haha it worked perfectly it kind of added some levity to the situation but it also clued Marlo in to the fact that her disappearing act had a ripple effect on more than just Ever. Now the good part happens! And when I say good part (the whole thing is good!. . . But we get to this 2 characters we love trying to get reacquainted and feeling out how the past has shaped them) people are rarely still the same as when they were in high school, and I loved them getting to know the more mature versions of themselves. 

Along the way there are some hard parts. . . Duh! Healing and putting the pieces back together is never easy guys! But sometimes pushing through the hurt, and misunderstandings and bringing all our demons out into the light can be freeing in a way and this story definitely ends on a positive note. . . 


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