Review: Lucian Divine By: Renee Carlino

​Review: Lucian Divine By: Renee Carlino

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I am a late arrival to the amazingness that is Renee Carlino. I have only been reading her novels for about 6 months now and I have to say she is one of my top faves that I have recently discovered! With Lucian Divine she gives us a new level of her talent. 

From the author’s note we sit up and take notice. This is not going one of those books you can read and not be affected by. Evey and Lucian draw you in from the very beginning! I loved Evey from the first page, she was relatable and you felt her dating pain haha but then she meets Lucian and its pure fiction magic, I knew from the time I was 20% in that I would never be the same after reading this. Every book Renee writes is amazing in different ways but trust me this is the book we will be talking about 20 years down the road. It appeals to you on the most primal level, love, hope, fate all mixed into one story that reaches down into your soul and lights a fire for reading (or reignites it if you have become slightly jaded by the state of romance these days) I love Evey and Lucian’s witty banter and like Evey herself Lucian’s imperfections are what I think makes him spectacular as a character. 

This story is completely unlike any I have read before (I mean I have read quite a few angel falls in love with a mortal stories) not one that is so well written, there were gut wrenching twists and turns and moments so sweet and tender that you almost want to cry from the warm fuzzies. 


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