Review: Wait For It By: Mariana Zapata

​Review: Wait For It By: Mariana Zapata 

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Very rarely do I find a book that utterly blows me away and that I do not review as I am reading it. With this story I was so completely wrapped up in it that I could not form coherent thoughts enough to tell you how much I love it and the reasons why I love it. . . Yes, I know. . . Me a blogger speechless! This was my first read by Mariana, I have seen her books mentioned but I hadn’t had the chance to read one yet. I saw this book on my recommended for you section on Amazon and I was looking for a new KU read so I picked it up. And what did I find? A story that was so well written from beginning to ended that after it was over I immediately wanted to start it again! I haven’t felt this strongly about a book since reading Juniper Smoke By Sadia Ash. I also found a new automatic one click author! And a new entry on my must have a print copy list. 

Its no secret I love a more realistic love story. . . I don’t read romance for escapism. . . I read romance to experience and revel in other couples love story. If there are too many unrealistic elements it pulls me out of the story and on average I will stop reading the book. I loved that this was a slow burn, I love the character development that Mariana must have spent so much time on making it picture perfect. I had no lingering questions about Diana and Dallas, I could feel them, like I have known them each for years, like you live in their brain and could tell their thought process haha. This is no insta love kind of story, it is a different kind of story. You can believe it and in it. You want them to get together but you get the reluctance as well. 

The cast of supporting characters are also important and pieces of the puzzle and it all blends together so well that by the time you reach the epilogue you are so darn happy you are about to bust at the seams! I was completely fulfilled with how this one ended. I flipped the last page on my kindle and I knew that this was a book I could not forget. 

You note i’m being a little vague here but if you have followed my reviews you can tell the books I really love i’ll do that haha its those books you need to experience for yourself! I’m not going to give you a book report with a summary on what happens word for word. What I will tell you is how it made me feel! What worked for me etc. You’ll get no spoilers here! So far this early into 2017 I have 2 reads that I know will be on my. Top ten list of the year and this one is topping the list. Mariana has a new life long fan in me! 


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