Review: Child of the Night Guild By: Andy Peloquin 

​Review: Child of the Night Guild By: Andy Peloquin 

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I don’t get to spend much time in the fantasy genre these days (which is a shame) but I had heard about this book and wanted to dabble in the genre with a new to me author so of course I was on board! The story is dark. . . Not gonna lie, its like a combo of Arya’s journey in Game of Thrones and a hint of Oliver Twist with a touch of Skyrim esque  fantasy thrown in for good measure. (Now that i’ve let my nerd flag blow in the breeze a bit its time to get back to the review!) 

Viola was a really interesting character right from the get go, from when she has to give up everything that makes her herself and becomes known as Seven. . . Her memories refuse to stay hidden and you know no matter what happens in this book she may be down but she will never be out! Those characters who constantly rise to the challenge are among my favorites to read about. How her character develops through the story makes it a fast paced read! You constantly wonder what she will be up to next. 

Master Velvet is a character that is kind of cringe worthy at first and I went through bouts where I despised him but then he’ll have a moment where its like hmm. . . Okay you kinda see his point. He knows that this life isn’t for the weak and sometimes you have to prepare people for that cruel part of the world. This is not to say I completely understand his motives haha but I understand just enough to not absolutely dislike him. 

After her training is finished this is really where the story picks up momentum and I couldn’t put it down, my kindle battery died and I immediately was scrambling for my phone just so I could finish the last little bit haha. Even though Andy was a new to me author after finishing this book I am eagerly anticipating the next book he writes. 


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