Review: Crown Of Lies By: Pepper Winters

This book grabbed my attention right from the beginning! Some of Pepper’s books I need a couple chapters to ease into them and then i’m ready to roll, but with Crown Of Lies I was invested in the first 2 pages. Elle is such a interesting character, you feel for her being sheltered and shouldering this empire from such a young age so when she has her moment of slight rebellion you cheer her on. But when that moment of rebellion brings the toughest moment of her life you want to but her back into the gilded cage. . . Is it fair to her not at all! But even the reader feels this instinctive reaction to protect her. 

The few sweet moments she shares with her savior are so incredibly moving, and then he is ripped away. . . Some time passes and we jump ahead 3 years. Our Elle has become a tough but fair career driven woman. You have to love that she is all girl power and being able to tangle with the big boys in business and earn their respect. But when she finally loses her cool with her matchmaking father and the new mystery man things get ratcheted up a notch (not only on the mystery side but on the hotness scale) 

The closer you get to the end of the book the questions keep swirling as to who Penn is and what he is involved in and it all comes to a fever pitch once you get to the end! There is a cliffhanger but thank goodness we don’t have to wait for the conclusion! Feb 28th cannot come soon enough! This is by far my favorite Pepper Winters read! 


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