​Review: The Dog Who Was There By: Ron Marasco

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This story is so heartwarming and touching that I dare you to not be affected. I love stories that bring spirituality to your front door for example like the book The Shack. In today’s plugged in and somewhat disconnected to each other world we need reminding that its the simple things that are important. 

Barley has had a not easy go of it.  . . You figure most dogs in first century Jerusalem didn’t, but he has known love and shown love. I seriously found myself with tears running down my face at his struggles and yet overjoyed when he finds happiness. The cast of characters he meets are people who might be seen as the people to avoid but during this time period The Teacher (Jesus) shows that even the supposedly most insignificant person or animal that society overlooks is loved and important in countless ways. This story touched my heart and brought my faith to a whole new level. I loved how the entire thing is told from his point of view. 

This is the perfect read for a dog lover, a person who is looking for a story that will shake them awake and touch their soul alike! This is one I know i’ll be buying for friends and family for gifts.