Review: For Finlay By: J. Nathan

​Review: For Finlay By: J. Nathan

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I have been on a Sports Romance kick here lately! Yes, I blame the upcoming Super Bowl. . . But I digress haha this was a pretty cute read. Finlay started at this local college as the Football team’s watergirl haha there is a reason why she started and it made me tear up a little. . . I’ll leave that reveal for you to discover though 😉 

Now, as one would expect Finlay is gonna have to have a thick skin to work around all those guys and when one player gets a little out of hand the quarterback –Brooks has to step in and teach the guy some manners. Brooks himself hasn’t always been an angel himself but when it counts he’s a really good guy, but as it turns out there is a connection to Finlay already and that’s gonna be something he’s gonna have to fight against because she has a bit of a chip on her shoulder. 

There is your typical push and pull that is common in a romance novel but this one takes a few unorthodox twists which keeps it from being just another ho hum– one of thousands romance. I really enjoyed this author’s use of flashbacks to show the events haunting Finlay. Sometimes flashbacks can get a little tedious but this story utilizes them really well. This was my first read by this author and I would definitely pick up another in the future. 


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