FICTION GUILD REVIEW! The Angels’ Share By: James Markert

​Review: The Angels’ Share By: James Markert

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This was a touching coming of age story with a message all played out against the backdrop of a richly detailed time of American history. 

William is the oldest son in the McFee’s when we pick up the story their family is still reeling from a family tragedy and we see each member of the family just barely making it through the day in different ways. But once a drifter that has a following is buried in the Potter’s field next to their house, miraculous events begin happening and somehow all these secrets and storylines begin to intertwine to create a beautiful canvas of a story. 

William truly makes the transition into adulthood as he finds his purpose in life and explores his passion for being a reporter by reporting on these miracles. I thought this story was pretty solid on the historical facts and would definitely recommend it to fans of this historical period in literature or for fans of Boardwalk Empire or Road To Perdition. 

You will find a fantastic read that will keep you flipping pages in this slower paced story just to discover how everything winds back around at the end to who is Asher? And how was he able to affect so many people he met?.


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