Review: Singe By: Aly Martinez

​Review: Singe By: Aly Martinez 

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Few do broody, angsty heroes quite like Aly Martinez! With her new series she introduces us to a whole new group of characters to keep our bookworm hearts beating fast. 

This story grabs you from the very first page and it does not let up! Jude has these haunting memories that he tried to outrun but no matter how far he went they stuck with him and after he is hired by the most highly sought after protection service events seem to be getting more intense for him. At first he is a little closed off, but he begins to settle into his new life. Then its all shaken up by a woman with more than a few secrets herself. 

Like Jude, Rhion is a master of withholding and avoiding questions. She’s the best friend/confidante for the other guys in the group since she was a client herself. . . And that is where the mystery deepens and takes the reader on quite the ride! In true Aly fashion their chemistry is off the charts! And their relationship is hotly intense and yet it makes all the sense in the world. You can tell Aly really puts some thought into crafting her characters, becuase I can think of no other hero or heroine who would be a better fit for these two than each other. Even the secondary characters play a huge part of the storyline and keep you wondering their entire story as well haha which makes you want to have grabby hands for the entire series. 


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