Review: A Thousand Letters By: Staci Hart

​Review: Thousand Letters By: Staci Hart

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Few authors inspire grabby hands and tantalizing anticipation quite like Staci Hart. With her newest book, a take on a classic (Jane Austen’s Persuasion) she has created a story of a complicated but beautifully emotional romance. Literally, you can feel the emotional ripples emanating from the page. It starts out by pretty much throwing you in the deep end haha it is intense! Elliot and Wade have had this love story on pause, he’s her best friend’s brother and when things didn’t end well for them he pretty much goes Radio Silent for 7 years until a family tragedy brings them back together. 

Interspersed with lines of classic poetry and literature this story flows so well, how Staci can blend the words of these poems and her beautiful words form this symbiotic relationship, each needs the other and together they make an immense impact on your soul! This book consumes you and the farther you get into the story the more intense the connection is. 

At the beginning of each chapter there are a few lines of poetry and each are just a few words but toward the last quarter of the book we get this “To live Is to feel So you know You are real. -M. White” and that my friends is why I read, to find a book/an author that can reach down into your soul and inject all these feelings, ones that might seem so strong that you have to set the book down because you need a moment haha. Yes, it may hurt. . . But in that moment you feel your heart beat, chest rising with your breaths and know that you are alive. . . And that you have just discovered magic within these pages. Bravo Staci, This raw, powerful emotional story is real life and you captured it perfectly. 


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