Review: Fake Fiancee By: Ilsa Madden Mills

​Review: Fake Fiancee By: Ilsa Madden Mills

I have adored every single book I have read by Ilsa, when I kept hearing the buzz surrounding the book I knew it was going to be on my top reads of the year list..

Ilsa always has the most interesting meet cutes in the romance game and her stories definitely make you believe in Fate. Max and Sunny have this unorthodox kind of story but every single page is pure perfection! I love a good friends to lovers story and this one is a excellent example. . . It was all supposed to be a ploy. . . For the cameras. . . But as any romance reader worth their eReader knows its not always that simple haha 

He’s a college quarterback star and she is a quirky fashion designer who works in the library. They both have the common ground of their past relationships have left them a bit wary of getting involved with someone but when the Heisman Committee is looking at Max for the award, Max and Sunny come up with this grand plan. And the rest is as one would say is Sports/New Adult amazing ness. It was a all encompassing read that deserves all the buzz it has generated. Now while Dirty and Filthy English have been my top Ilsa reads for so long. Now its a 3 way tie! I would love to see books with Isabella and Ash (and Mimi! Haha) in the future definitely. 


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