Review: Something In The Way By: Jessica Hawkins

​Review: Something In The Way By: Jessica Hawkins

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Few people do forbidden romance quite like Jessica Hawkins and with this new one she definitely ups the ante here! Lake and Manning are this force of nature! From the very beginning I loved the contrast between them. 

Not only the age difference which will be a lot of what most reviews would focus on but they are so opposites attract and I think that is what makes it so enticing. The addition of Lake’s wicked witch sister Tiffany definitely ratchets up the tension! I mean eventually she grows on you but in the first couple chapters I couldn’t stand her. 

This story is a little more of a slow burn than some of Jessica’s books and I have to say I love how she plays with the pacing and developent of the characters. . . She really explores each interaction between Manning and Lake and Tiffany and the angst is high in this one. It was so well written that I almost welcome the aimless, emotionally wrung out feeling I experienced at the end of this novel. I need the next book ASAP! Ohh my goodness, we’ll leave it at that! 


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