Review: Under The Bleachers By: K.k Allen

​Review: Under The Bleachers By: K.k Allen 

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Last year, I got hooked on a cover. . . (Up in the Treehouse) During a author takeover on FB I found a new to me author who happened to have wrote said book and the rest as they say is history! K.K Allen is now one of my automatic one click authors, with this new story it features Zachary Ryan (who we first met in Up in the Treehouse) and I knew before I even started the book I was in for a treat! 

Zach and Monica had me rooting for them right from the get go! She is quirky and creative and addicted to sweet, sugary goodness haha which I loved I thought it was an adorable trait. Zach is her perfect match, they balance each other perfectly. Now there are a few typical romance novel road bumps but nothing these two can’t figure out. 

Under The Bleachers has a little less of an intense vibe than Up In The Treehouse but that same snappy dialogue and banter which I love about K.k.’s writing style in Up In The Treehouse is present and just as amazing! I love stories where characters have this witty, realistic conversation style, some books you read the dialogue and just go “who says that?” There are quite a few unexpected moments in this one that just re-reminds me how much I always love a book by this author! The scene where they were just arriving at camp with Balko is hilarious, the scene with the football cake warmed my heart and those moments among many endeared this book to my heart. I could not get enough. 


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