Review: Flow (Grip Prequel) By: Kennedy Ryan

​Review: Flow (a Grip Prequel) By: Kennedy Ryan

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Its no secret that the Soul Series is one of my all time favorite series, Rhys and Kai are the most intriguing couple. In that series though we are introduced to a smooth, street wise lyrical genius Grip (Marlon) who is Rhys’s best friend, and Bristol who is Rhys’s business manager and twin sister. We knew that they had history! And now we finally get to see their story. I remember clamoring for more Grip and Bristol, its not often I get hung up on secondary characters but Kennedy hooks you that way haha 

So now in Flow we get that back story in a short 130ish pages of pure perfection! Grip and Bristol are this power couple that are the epitome of opposites attract. She’s from a privilaged background and he grew up in a rough neighborhood and narrowly avoided gang violence. And lived the lyrics he speaks about in his songs. They just fit! But not only do they have their own issues but they have to deal with society’s stigma of being an interracial couple and race issues in general– which in this day and age should not exist but it still does and I love that Kennedy is honest about this struggle becuase I think it needs to be talked about and not swept under the rug. Love is love guys! Man and woman, man and man or woman and woman, skin color shouldn’t be judged as long as its consensual and everyone is of age i’m fine with it! We need more love in the world these days. 

This is just the action packed prequel! The follow up Grip is out soon (March 2) and I cannot wait to see where this story goes next because Kennedy always gives us the best conclusions to a story so I know our favorite couple are in good hands, but like the rest of their journey its not gonna be easy or always pretty. But their love story is gonna be real and beautiful, you better believe that! 


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