Review: Grip By: Kennedy Ryan

​Review: Grip By: Kennedy Ryan

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Grip picks up exactly where Flow left off so if you haven’t read that one go back now! Don’t read the rest of the review! 

Okay, so I won’t get too spoilery here in case you haven’t read Flow and you are being a rebel and reading this review anyway 😉 but WOW! what a beginning! You knew from the Soul series that there was some huge conflict between Bristol and Grip despite the intense chemistry but now that we know the backstory I gotta say i’m still rooting for them but I also think Grip was a bonehead about the whole situation back then. 

But, back to the present! Ish. . . I love how Kennedy plays with the pacing of this story, the move ahead 2 years after she left L.A after their dramatic confrontation during Spring Break is important in the evolution of Bristol. After the flashback chapters that fill in some of the gaps the reader feels all caught up and ready to carry on with their story. Present day Bristol and Grip are even more driven then they were when they met 8 years ago and he is getting ready to put our his first solor album on Rhys’s label. With Bristol managing his career . . . Their past relationship keeps seeping in and you can see the writing on the wall haha even though they can’t! YOU GUYS ARE MEANT TO BE TOGETHER!

Aside from the love story race relations and the truth about growing up with that kind of conflict is a huge theme in this story and it could easily feel like a situation where there is no hope but even in the most difficult passages Kennedy gives the reader the unvarnished truth, things are rough, and there is hope for them to get better but it  is gonna take some work and that all lives matter. It was a brave choice to make and I definitely applaud her for not playing it safe on this topic. 

This was such a socially conscious story that I know its going to be on many people’s top reads of the year list. 


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