Review: What I Need By: J. Daniels

​Review: What I Need By: J. Daniels 

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Holy intense chemistry Batman! It is off the charts in this one. Riley and CJ are one of my favorite couples of the year! 

Its no secret that I enjoy a good friends to lovers story and while this one was a little more complicated than that haha it had the same sweet, steamy vibe. The characters were so well done that once I started I couldn’t put this book down. It was funny and smart, I loved when they were playing Madden — it made Riley so much more of a girl I could see being besties with. 

Even though this book is part of a series it does function extremely well as a standalone, I have read the first book in the series but none of the rest (something I plan on remedying soon!) This one is definitely on my MUST have a print copy list becuase I know I will be rereading this one. Bravo J! You’ve given us another unforgettable experience.    


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